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10 oz Candle Tins


Fragrance List

Basil Sage Mint
Silky mint caressed by a captivating whisper of herbs

Blueberry Cobbler … my “signature” candle!
Vividly succulent blend of scrumptious cobbler and maple. The first candle I made and it continues to be the favorite!!

Bouquet of Roses
Fresh cut roses…just for you!

Cafe Latte  
 Deep rich maple with hints of coffee and cream.  You will think you’re at Starbucks!

Red hot cinnamon blended with creamy vanilla! The best of both.

Coconut Lime Verbena 
Mellow coconut with a twist of lime and waft of verbena.

Cowboy Coffee
 Wow!...if you like the smell of fresh brewed coffee, this is it.

Creme Brulee  
Exceptionally sweet vanilla in a lavish buttercream

Dusty Mexican Morning 
A great scent for all seasons. This is a best seller! Hard to imagine? A must try..experience it for yourself!

Groovy Grapefruit
Wonderful scent of fresh ruby grapefruit

Havana  Nites
This mysterious romantic fragrance is one you won’t forget!  Smooth, alluring and magnificently manly.

Hawaiian Breeze
Pineapple & sweet mulberry w/floral notes

Such a soothing fragrance to help you relax before, during, or after a stressful day.

Lavender Vanilla
Truly a smooth blend of therapeutic lavender and boasting vanilla.
Just straight up leather.  Fills the room to make everything smell new again!

Leather & Lace
A flawless western marriage of the rugged and the delicate.  Straight leather with a touch of vanilla.
Lemon Pound Cake 
A lemon base enhanced with vanilla pound cake

Lodge Resort
Woodsy floral, slight musk with vanilla, cedar & pine. Wonderful mix!

Loud Lime
One of the best lime fragrances you will find

Love Spell 
A timely kiss of perfumed softness.

Monkey Farts 
Rich banana-coconut with a hint of rum and sweet vanilla

Vanilla mixed with luscious hints of strawberry and pomegranate.

Pina Cool~ada
Pineapple & coconut tropical blend

Richest Vanilla
The fullest of vanilla aromas infused with the essence of the delectable flavor.
Sandalwood & Musk
Mixture of true sandalwood with amber, vanilla and musk.

Sommer Lovin’
Combination of orange, peach and cranberry.  For sure a summer favorite!  Lingers even after you blow it out.

Springs of the Irish
Surround yourself with the freshness of rosemary and mint to revitalize your day.

Sugar Cookies 
These cookies are made of sugar and vanilla, fresh from the oven. Yummy! Just make them think you are baking    

Sunwashed Linen 
Exhilarating freshness with a touch of citrus blossoms.

Totally Citrus
The strong approach to suit the citrus fruit freak.  Smells like you’re in the fruit orchard.

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